Code of Conduct

As a Kingdom Marketplace Leader, I will “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.” Therefore, I will…

  • Rise in my calling as an agent of Kingdom transformation and restoration in business and marketplace culture

  • Provide extraordinary value to clients and customers through my products and/or services

  • Use my sphere of influence for the promotion of Kingdom purposes, and not for selfish gain

  • Hold the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and Godly character in all my personal and marketplace transactions

  • Grow in excellence in abilities, skills, and self-development in the marketplace-calling God has granted me

  • Actively learn, continuing to self-educate, develop, and improve in my marketplace calling

  • Act with courage, compassion, and love in my professional and personal life

  • Proactively take initiative to encourage, support, and unite with fellow Marketplace Leaders for mutual encouragement, support, and outreach in the marketplace

  • Mentor younger Kingdom Marketplace Leaders and those under my authority, recognizing the God ordained mandate to make disciples

  • Maintain the vision for my Kingdom Business calling through prayer and submission to the Lordship of Christ

  • Give generously and cheerfully to churches, ministries, those engaged in compassion and mercy organizations, and other areas at God’s direction