How to Write and Publish Your Book

Let’s Take Your Book From Idea To Manuscript

Whether you’re looking to do it yourself or take advantage of our professional publishing services, we offer plenty of resources to help get your book from idea to manuscript.

Do It Yourself

Read these resources online. The next pages walk you through the steps from getting your idea organized to final edits.

Before you begin to write, there are some important things to consider and determine. Every book has a starting point. It is important to know where you are currently at in the process of pursuing your dream or mission of writing a book. Ask yourself questions such as…Read More

In other words, begin writing today. The hardest thing that most authors have to overcome is procrastination. The cemeteries and mausoleums that surround us today are in a sense filled with books and stories that were never told and never written…Read More

Begin by writing down some ideas that you have for the title. Jot down every title and subtitle that comes to mind for your book. One of these may end up being the title of your book and another may be used as the subtitle. Your title is a magnet to attract ideas, principles, story lines and points that you wish to make…Read More

We have just finished talking about and writing down the premise and the outline to set up the structure and skeleton for your book. Now it is time to follow the road map you have constructed for your book and put it all together. This step contains specific tips on how to bring everything together to complete your book…Read More

It’s impossible, even when you follow all the above tips and reread/correct your manuscript a number of times, to edit your own writing with the highest level of excellence. Very few authors have been trained as editors and even bestselling authors look to editors to correct and polish their writing so that punctuation and grammatical mistakes are eliminated…Read More

Let Us Help

We have professional editors who provide an entire range of services from adding an extra comma to transcribing a recording and developing that into a book. We will take what you have and meet you where you are.

We are here to partner with authors and to help get your book in the hands of those who need your message!