Cooperative Publishing

Cooperative Publishing is a joint-venture managed publishing solution from New Dominion Press that provides you with full distribution through Ingram to brick-and-mortar bookstores for print, as well as online retailers for print and digital. It also includes our Developing Authors Program, which provides authors with a marketing program, as well as coaching and training of the author in a collaborative manner.

Included Features with a Co-Publishing Contract:

      • Turnkey publishing and management by New Dominion Press
      • A seat on our Developing Authors Program
      • Softcover and e-book included and hardcover optional
      • Award-winning custom editing and design
      • A publishing contract with a 2-year+ term
      • ISBNs for print and e-book are both included
      • A contracted offer may be offered to publish your next book as a traditional deal if a specific sales goal (e.g., 3,000 unit) is reached
      • Print and eBook full distribution through Ingram to 39,000 bookstores and online retailers
      • 30-70% author royalties on print and digital sales, 50% on foreign rights sales.
      • Inclusion in Ingram’s catalogs
      • Our marketing program includes title sell-sheets, media releases, book Web page, cover polls, and promoting the book to booksellers, Ingram, and other distributors. We also coach authors on social media and other marketing through the life cycle of the book.
      • 20 copies of your printed book
      • An author may purchase additional books below wholesale
      • An author may purchase advanced marketing packages or hire one of our Experts to assist with marketing or design of websites, trailers, and more.
      • Crowdfunding options and coaching are available for authors who fit the criteria. Publishizer is our favorite option for authors who need to crowdfund and have the followers, marketing savvy, and social media strength to conduct a strong crowdfunding campaign.

Are You Thing This is the Right Publishing Model for You?

A cooperative publishing deal includes developmental line editing and/or copy editing, cover wrap and interior layout and design, ISBNs, and all production for distribution of softcover and ebook, hardcover optional. It also includes a marketing program with author training and coaching, a 2-3 year term, a traditional deal for the next book if the author sells 3,000 or more units, 50-70% royalties

based on net, a tip sheet, a digital Advanced Review Copy (ARC), a cover poll, inclusion in Ingram’s catalogs, and 20 printed softcover ARCs. The author shall provide edited text along with high-resolution digital illustrations, if any.

A cooperative publishing package with New Dominion Press ranges in price. The final cost depends on the book trim size, the quality of the manuscript, and the number of graphic illustration insertions needed for the interior of the book. Pricing ranges from $2750 – $3750 for a children’s book, $4300 – $5450 for a small memoir or non-fiction book, and $5200 – $7600 for a full-sized novel requiring developmental line editing.

New Dominion Press will provide a line-item estimate detailing all costs for pre-publication work, along with a comprehensive publishing contract detailing royalties, term, production requirements, and other legal details. Your charges may differ from the above estimates, depending on the quality of the work, the anticipated editing time, as well as advanced design work needed.

Or maybe cooperative publishing isn’t for you?

If our traditional and cooperative publishing models are not a good fit, you may want to consider a self-publishing contract using our administrative publishing model. This model is based on a self-publishing structure which requires you to do most of the work yourself, or work with a designer and an editor to properly prepare your manuscript. We would work in a limited capacity as your consultant as well as handle the administrative chores of the publication process to ensure that it goes smoothly for you. We will use our publication platform provided by Ingram. They are our distributors and provide the best printing and distribution in the book world. The administrative publishing model is the least expensive way of working with us.

We publish three ways.

Usually only for seasoned writers (with or without an agent) with superb work and a verifiable track record of sales and marketing success. The term traditional means that the author will not pay for any development costs or fees and will typically be offered an advance payment on royalties.

=>Traditional Publishing

This publishing model is best for emerging writers with high-quality work desiring a professional-level publishing experience. Those best suited for this program are motivated and collaborative, and receive the same level of editing, creative development, and marketing as our traditional authors. The best example is called Cooperative Publishing (Co-Publishing).


Self-publishing places responsibility for all aspects of production, marketing, and distribution of an author’s book in their hands. This includes the editing, book design, printing, and distribution of each new copy to buyers. We will help you with the administration of getting published. We call this Administrative Publishing.

=>Administrative Publishing