Book Editing

Even experienced writers need advice.

Need First Draft Feedback?

Let’s face it: writing a book can be tough, and sometimes even experienced writers need advice, confirmation that they’re on the right path, or a fresh set of eyes to point out a flaw they can’t see because they’re too close to the writing.

That’s where our team of expert editors come in! Get feedback on your first draft with our Manuscript Review and Editorial Critique services. You’ll have a chance to make any recommended changes before submitting your final manuscript for the Design & Production Phase.

Manuscript Review

With the Manuscript Review our editors will do an “editors read” of your book—either a quick skim, or a strategic read of a little of the beginning, middle, and end—and provide you with a one-page feedback outlining your book’s strengths and areas for improvement. Xulon Press offers three different levels of editing, and your Manuscript Review also includes a custom recommendation for an editorial service, and a sample edit of 500 words of your manuscript.

Manuscript Review


Included in Best Seller and Elite Packages.

Editorial Critique

Want more editing guidance? Our Editorial Critique provides an even more in-depth feedback experience to help you as a writer. Our editor will read your entire manuscript and provide a 4+ page outline of their insights. Have a nonfiction book? We’ll talk about things like your target audience, showing-vs-telling, consistency and how to arrange your material. For fiction authors, we’ll provide insight on your story arc, character development, plot, and descriptions. Our editor will also provide a recommendation on the level of edit you should consider and a 1,000 word sample edit.

Have any questions or need writing advice? Schedule a half hour personal coaching session over the phone with our editor for just $99.

Editorial Critique – Nonfiction

$799 per Manuscript

Upgrade the Manuscript Review for $370with your publishing package.

Editorial Critique – Fiction

$899 Per Manuscript

Upgrade the Manuscript Review for $470with your publishing package.