Getting Published

You Can Get Published! Dream. Write. Print.

While being famous makes it easier to get noticed, you don’t have to be a renowned writer to get your book published.

The beauty of publishing with us is that you are in charge. While your book must adhere to some industry and editorial standards and cannot violate our Code of Conduct and Statement of Faith, however, outside of these parameters, all final decisions on the direction of a story are made by the author.

Our Author Consultants will help you select the publishing package which suits your needs, goals, and vision. You can have your publishing deal finalized quickly - once you are ready.

Should you find yourself struggling with writer’s block, we have industry experts available through our Emerging Author Program, plus extensive editing services and ghostwriting that will help you finish your manuscript.

And once your book is finished, our marketing consultants will be a great help to you with tips and tools you can use to spread the word about your book far and wide. It will also be placed on,, and other websites, where your new fans can order copies of the book they've been waiting for.

It's Your Story, Let Us Help You Share It!


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