Andrea E. Robertson


Book Description

The Adventures of Abigail Rosebud and a Frog Named Stink will have your little ones giggling from JUMP! It all begins when Abigail loses her pet frog only to find him again at church inside her purse. Everything would have been just fine until Stink takes a leap of faith, and the adventure begins! Abigail and her brother are the only ones who know that Stink is the one turning the service into a circus. Time is ticking as they scramble to get Stink back into her purse before it is too late!

Most people just read books for the enjoyment of what is written. The beautiful unique aspect of The Adventures of Abigail Rosebud and a Frog Named Stink series is that each book ends with moral talking points. The last page of the book asks, What do YOU think? The reader is asked a series of questions at the end that point them towards the Bible and always encourage them to choose honesty, peace, patience, goodness, kindness and self control. The questions on the last page allow a teacher the opportunity to help young minds make the most of every opportunity while considering others better than themselves.

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