Jeffrey W. Byrd


Jeffrey W. Byrd is a native and resident of Norfolk, Virginia. He is the owner of Jeffrey Byrd Coaching and a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with the John Maxwell Team. Both his purpose in life, and business, are aligned around aiding others in seeing their true value, the value of others, and recognizing the gifts and abilities they’ve been given, in order to develop and use them to lift themselves and others to their most fulfilling life. Jeff’s passion to help others see their own value comes from years of wrestling with a sense of personal value.

Jeff often teaches that, “We can tell how valuable anything is to anyone by what they will give up for it.” It wasn’t until after many years of struggle, that Jeff came to understand his own value to God, by understanding what He was willing to give up for him, by giving Jesus for him. With this as the most complete example of what servant-leadership truly is, as well as the ultimate statement of the value of every person, Jeff seeks to help individuals first realize their own worth, then begin to see the worth of those around them, in their families, communities, places of work, and other organizations, and equip them to achieve maximum effectiveness in all they do by seeing the true value of others and learning to treat them accordingly, by developing and using their unique strengths and abilities to serve them.

Jeff hosts a weekly podcast called Empowered Living with Jeff Byrd, which provides both teaching and interviews which are designed to uplevel your thinking and living in all areas of your professional and personal lives. The podcast airs on iTunes, iHeart Radio, Google Play, Spotify, Spreaker, the Talk Network Radio website, and the Jeffrey Byrd Coaching website, as well as many other platforms. Jeff also is the founder of the Byrd Young Leaders School in Pakistan. The school was founded to provide at risk children, who are generational slaves of the local brick kiln industry, the opportunity to learn English and other subjects; which are not only necessary to give them an opportunity to compete in the global marketplace, but also an opportunity to escape a life of making handmade bricks, all day long, for the equivalent of one-dollar.

He sits on the board of the Endependence Center Inc. in Norfolk, VA, an advocacy group for those with disabilities. He is past president of the Virginia Beach Task Force on Aging, a former Young Life team leader, Sunday School teacher, and owner of Byrd’s Eye Photography. Jeff and his wife Angela Byrd, who is an artist, and an art instructor, live in Norfolk, VA, where they enjoy gardening, birding, travel, the symphony, art exhibitions, wineries, and the enjoyment of spending time good friends!